Current Henchman

An exependable person to take point for the party, usually hired at the Blood and Vine Bar while drunk. Haunted Armor with (2) mortal wound holes that perma-bleed is the uniform of whoever our current henchman is at any given time. The armor will be dyed


Short sword, cloth satchels, waterskin, 50 feet of rope, floppy hat.


Hired from the Blood and Vine, this drunk bastard has no clue what he is getting into… In general he has been persuaded, hypnotised, bribed, and/or intimadated into joining the party (or a combination of all of the above)

This information is valid for (so far):

henchman 1 : Mallein (Killed by vampire claws to the throat)
henchman 2 : Fenthick (killed by rabid hyenas)
henchman 3 : Beastman (Gimlina’s “Pet”)


Current Henchman

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