Circus Grappling Hook gnome sized

Steel fibers make this very light and strong grappling hook useful for wielders under 100 pounds. It sacrifices carrying capacity for stealth and durability. Can also be used as an entagling weapon, but its small size means it is only able to target a lim




A modified version of a gnomish circus grappler, this has been created with a removable head so different rope attachments can be used. Igor first made this item with the help of his friend Jubei, and has been refining the design over time.

Range of 2-4 depending on length of cabling attached at the time;
user can switch out the grappling hook head for a long silk rope if a more traditional grappling hook is needed. This process does take a long time however, at least an hour to do properly, so it is generally kept in the metal/ multi use configuration at all times.

CARRYING CAPACITY: metal (range 2) 150 pounds, rope (range 4) 100 pounds

Can be used in conjunction with tumbling/ acrobatics skills, and under many circumstances may conveigh a bonus to a difficult tumbling trick or acrobatic feat when appopriate (swinging leap from a crossbeam, etc)

Circus Grappling Hook gnome sized

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