Circus Kit

Everything a circus performer would need to prepare for an evening's show, in a padded slim case


Basically this is a specialized disguise kit, but is useful for other things too. It also serves as his official alchemy kit, for purposes of 4th edition rules that say he needs one to do his alchemy. Reagents etc are kept in here with all his other tinkering stuff.

Igor uses it to keep his tinkering tools and gems/lenses secure and not rattling around in his gear.

Props and powders needed for simple stage magic are also pre-portioned into breakaway bags and safely stored in the circus kit. (flash powder, smoke bombs, etc)

The slim case has straps, slots, pockets, latches and buttons so that an enormous number of small items can be securely fastened and ordered or rearranged. There is also a concealed nook within the case spring mechanism where igor can hide a few small items such as a gemstone or some platinum coins.

Currently the only thing in the hidden compartment is some dried rat chow.


An essential toolkit for anyone who uses makeups/ disguises, Igor had this custom commissioned during his travels by a human alchemist who specializes in chemistry and engineering named Teabow. Igor still occasionally purchases odd concoctions, base elements, and laboratory equipment from Teabow when he passes through the region where the shop is located. Teabow is intrigued by gnomish contraptions so he often will collaborate with Igor on the design of some new device or tinkering tool (most of which fail miserably).

Circus Kit

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