Greek Mask Set

Comedy and tragedy masks custom molded to the wearers face. Comedy is light and tragedy is dark, but both are easily concealed by a hood.


Igor had this set of the classical greek comedy and tragedy masks made as part of his performing ambitions. They are form fitted to his face and are made to the standards of professional thespians (i.e wont fall off, you can see, speak and hear through it very well, it doesnt restrict breathing, etc).

Comedy is light in hue, tragedy is dark in hue, but both have a dull sheen so as not to reflect light as much. When not in use, they are kept in one of the many concealed pockets within Igors travelling cloak.

It is not uncommon for gnomish traveling performers to act short skits or comedy/vaudeville bits to entertain either themselves or to engender free drinks inside taverns or meadhouses.

Igors attempted modifications (so far)

Igor has been trying to fit lenses of all sorts into the eye holes but so far has found absolutely no practical use for such tinkering. Putting two magnifying lenses into his comedy mask came closest to being useful but Igor ended up ramming himself into walls for 45 minutes trying to figure out how to tumble with them on. He does keep an assortment of lenses, stained glass molded pieces, and low value gemstones and minerals just for tinkering in his circus kit.

He sometimes will stick gems in the eyes as part of his acting performances or for a comedic moment in one of his skits. Red gems can help express anger, blue gems are good for projecting an air of superiority, yellow gems for a dazed or starry eyed look, etc. This approach has been more successful for Igor than the lenses approach described above.

Igor is constantly on the lookout for someone who might be able to make his masks more lifelike, through magical means or otherwise. Igor even sometimes will set his masks around the table or room and practice his ventriloquism skills by having a three way conversation with himself when bored. So far this is as close as Igor has come to his masks becoming more lifelike.

final note: bear in mind this is all to gnomish scale, which means very small and light, and items to that scale generally costs a lot less in material terms to create than a human sized equivalent.


Igor had them custom made by a halfling artisan who does a lot of pieces for theatres, street performers and members of high society. Made from extremely durable materials and meant to last for several seasons of nightly performances.

They are also one of the symbols of Olidammara, who Igor believes in and occasionally sacrifices tribute to or invokes during a dire moment when luck is needed.

Greek Mask Set

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