Igor's Lootbag_Contents_(Current)

Whats currently in Igors Lootbag


This is the list of stuff jammed into the rucksack, little pouches, pockets, hidden compartments in hats, etc etc that Igor hasnt had time to sort through and evaluate yet. This is separate from Igors Stuff. In simple terms, all the stolen, looted, and found items during the current adventure that Igor is carrying.

  • platinum : 150 pieces
  • gold: 400
  • silver: 0
  • copper: 0
  • gems/other tradables: 0
  • worm parts poisons 2 vials. One vial is a coat for a blade, worth three charges. Ingested, each vial has 3 doses.
  • Unconscious altar juice, 2 vials. 3 dose per vial.
  • Potion of Life 00 NOTE unless someone else is holding it, I dont know if they are
  • one vial, alchemists fire
  • charcoal etching of Barovia Crest from super sarcophagus (and igors traced copy in separate pocket)
  • reverse IOU scrawled on bar napkin in Igors handwriting, a promise from barkeep for better ale – 63 gold pieces worth, to be collected upon next time the party returns to the bar NOTE: this has been delivered upon and is now worthless!
  • 4 leaf clover picked from the grass near the ettin/ troll ventriloquism show
  • one hands worth of fingerbones collected from various skellies
  • seven or eight handbills (stacked) saying- Igors Nappovich’s Traveling Troubadors -in multicolored inks
  • minotaur horns from disease beasts- possible gnomish ramming helm in the works
  • Temple to Olidammara build list: wood, good oak, and granite
  • Mask of the Jackal
  • Sunsword Hilt (UNLESS already claimed)

Igor's Lootbag_Contents_(Current)

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