Baubles – A vistani man named Sol tends to this booth where the Vistani sell many charms and pieces of jewelry among other things:
Mirror Crystals(7) 15gp/ea, Wolfsbane Necklace(2) 75gp (perma wolfsbane applique), Warding Amulet(1) 3,400gp, Necklace of Keys(1) 3,400gp, Vistani Sash of luck(1) 500gp (allow one die reroll +5 (daily)), Vistani Eye Amulet(2) 520gp, Vampiric Warding Runes(2) (Ward a small area 2×2 from vampires) 300gp, and a single Heart Stone. 400gp

Potions – A woman named Selmina operates this vardo, selling potions of many kinds.
Healing Potion 25gp, Choking Fog Elixir 50gp, Haste 100gp (Extra Action per turn for 5 rounds), Protection against evil 125gp (+5 dmg vs evil, +2 to hit & on saving throws), Alchemists Fire 25gp (Throw vs Ref, Burst 1 3d6 fire damage) and a Lumine flask(1) 150gp (Throw, Burst 3 from origin point. Pure sunlight for one round 4d6 + 6 radiant damage and the target is dazed until end of next turn)

Entertainment CircleRingmaster Travos is a long haired man who directs the show here, Music is performed here as well as bear shows and juggling acts. Asking the crowd what they’d like to see: Juggling, Music, Singing, Poetry, Dancing. Shows last approximately 20 minutes and cost 15g/person. 5g for children.

Crafting – Offers crafting of common and Uncommon magic weapons, depending on the item (if weapon) it can be crafted from Memory Steel for triple the price.

See the Compendium for a databank of items available.(use login credentials from dropbox)]

Fortune Telling – 50gp tea leaves (scry) and 25gp bones (divination).

Strongman ContestGiovani is a burly Vistani man who runs this attraction. Ring the bell atop this podium, 5gp to play. If you do so, the vistani will bestow you with a small token from the baubles booth free of charge of 300gp or less value.


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