House Rules

  • Class (Wizard/Bard/Druid/Cleric) Ritual Casters – One ritual your level or lower may be cast without component costs once per day.
  • Everyone can have one At-Will ability augmented/personalized as they wish, pending DM approval. I may suggest some of my own as well :)
  • The Despair Deck will be used to aid in evocating the sense of gloom, fear, horror and mental stress that weighs on the characters while within the dread realm of Ravenloft. Read on for mechanical specifics and a way to earn Fate Points
  • Skills in which a character is trained in will produce different results than those that are untrained. This represents your character having some sort of formal (or informal) training within that skillset and may also play into their story/persona. This also means a more varied result of success and failure for the PC’s so choose wisely before you go attempting to help disarm that bomb with your +3 to Thievery :)
  • Fate Points are an earned measure of a character’s pull on the very fabric of the world in both a meta and non-meta game sense. Fate points can be spent to alter the game world in some significant way per allowance of the DM. They can be earned both in game and out via various methods
  • Fame points are tracked by the DM and do not need to be managed by the characters, the way others react to you is somewhat based on your party/character’s current level of fame/infamy. Everything you do impacts the game world
  • Skill Specializations [ (m)inor & (M)ajor ] may be taken at 4th(m),* 8th*(M), 12th(m), 16th(M), 20th(m), and 24th(M) levels as a completely optional component to your character.
  • A character theme may be selected before 10th level (preferrably at character creation) see character theme options within Dropbox under the “\Players\New Classes, Races, Feats, etc.\” directory.

Powers that automatically hit must still have an attack roll if only for the sake of critting some face off.

A Natural 1 is always a failure, regardless of modifiers. See the Fumble Chart for additional effects that correspond with this mechanic.

A Natural 20 is always something spectacular, regardless of circumstances. Being hit by a critical attack leaves a permanent scar on your character. See the Melee Critical and Spell Critical charts for additional effects that correspond with this mechanic.

Stunt Points – Add flare to your attacks when an attack or check is made.

House Rules

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