LycanthropyLycanthropy exists in two main forms in Ravenloft.

Natural Lycanthropy that is a blood borne trait is considered a race and there is no known cure for ridding a person of it’s condition. Those with natural born Lycantrhopy have 3 forms: “Man”, “Manbeast” and “Beast”. There are a multitude of things that may trigger a transformation or partial transformation within someone afflicted with Natural Lycantrhopy.

Cursed Lycanthropy is a condition that is bestowed upon someone or something that forces it to transform at the will of another, or at the will of certain conditions. Therere is a cure for this type of Lycantrhopy though the process can be arduous and lethal, even if all of the corruption is removed from their body.

  • The afflicted person must be free from a the host were-creature that inflicted this condition upon them
  • A priest must cleanse the victim of it’s impurities during a holy rite
  • The person must be transformed into their feral form and once again undergo many holy rites and rituals as follows
    • Atonement
    • Remove Curse
    • Remove Disease
  • The afflicted must then rest, and are not guaranteed to live.


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