*Occassionally running a game in between X amount of sessions sounds like a blast to me guys. I’d like to offer up my own personal selection of RPG goodies I’d LOVE to run for you all sometime. *

Perhaps we can take a vote and run that after a handful of sessions?

Gamma World – Post apocalyptic mutant infested earth, ray guns, rocket launchers, laser grids, computer hacking, vehicular slaugther, squid people.

Fourthcore Deathmatch – Quick 4e deathmatch player vs. player games to the tune of old school DOOM/QUAKE/HEXEN/HERETIC complete with interactive (and replicated from those games) maps and powerups like “Crystal Flask” “Chaos Device” “Tome of Power” and “Quad Damage”

Dragon Age RPG – Set in the Dragon Age universe, a 3d6 system with no need for battle grids, cool “stunt” mechanics for combat. Quick combat. “Old School” feel slightly.

Revent of the Iron Lich – My ball busting dungeon crawl module we’ve yet to really be able to dig deeply into :)

Tomb of Horrors – Need I say more?

Shadowrun – High tech/magic futuristic setting with shotguns, minotaurs and people that fly.


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