The Vistani

Vistani Vistani are said to be capable of controlling the Mists of Barovia, which allow them to transport themselves anywhere within it. They are the only beings who can enter these Mists and be guaranteed of exiting where they want.

The Vistani are a nomadic group of decadent people with an extreme wanderlust, traversing vast lands and the planes themselves. It is said that if a vistani lingers in one lace for too long they experience a “static burn” which is a condition resulting in extreme fever and flu like symptoms. If a Vistani does not cover some ground within a few days to a week they are said to lose their blood borne talents and become a Mortu, making them an outcast among their people.

Possessing powerful magic acquired from their heritage, a mystic sorcery that partakes largely in cursing luck and twisting fate. They are said to be able to see the future, however it is only found to exist amongst Vistani women as when it does occur in Vistani men – they are slain outright.

Vistani Terminology:

Raunie: the title of the female Vistani of a camp with the most power in the Sight

Darkling: a Vistani criminal who has been cast out from the tribe.

Dukkar: a male Vistani born with the future sight who has grown to adulthood.

The Vistani

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