Vampire bite

Vampirism is an affliction that is caused due by having all of ones blood drained by a vampire. After a victim has been drained, the body is typically buried (although it does not have to be) only to rise a few days later as a fledgling vampire under the control of its creator. The only way to counteract vampirism is to behead and completely destroy (burn, butcher, etc.)the body of the person afflicted before they fully ‘turn’ and rise again as a vampire.

Vampires eternally serve their master (creator) and may only create new vampires themselves if it is willed by their maker. The only way for a vampire to function on its own free will is by either being verbally relinquished by their master, or killing them outright. The ladder is a much more common situation when encountering a vampire of free will.

Not all who are affected with vampirism are evil or savages, however the hunger is hard to avoid – especially after one has just been turned. Only with time to vampires grow more refined in their ability for restraint, as does the extent of their powers.

The following applies to all vampires of the demi-plane:

  • Cannot enter a (functional) place of worship
  • Cannot enter a dwelling that is not their own without an invitation
  • Have no reflection
  • Cannot cross a running body of water
  • Cannot be exposed to direct sunlight
  • Do not require and cannot ingest food and drink. Still require sleep.
  • Greater(older) vampires may transform themselves into a bat, wolf or mist.
  • Shed tears in the form of blood
  • As a vampire ages it acquires special traits that may be unlike any other vampire
  • The only cure for vampirism is death. There are no herbal, magical or divine remedies.
  • A holy symbol alone does not repel or harm a vampire, nor does garlic.


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