On the Eyes of Midnight

Into the cellars

in pursuit of an innocent?

Lindsey messecar Precursor of note prior to reading this adventure log, Igor was a bit predisposed for the entirety of this exploration as he was searching for the now suspected ‘ghost boy’ in the strangest of places (wine bottles, the ceiling, inside his shoe, etc.) so the details of his actions are somewhat vague, perhaps even to him.

After a short rest, the party decided to venture forth and attempt to gain entry to castle ravenloft. Igor had to be rustled violently awake that night, as he was talking a lot in his sleep – something about chickens or a frying pan…something. Igor crawled his way through the crack in the castle foyer and raised the porticullis. Before them stood the massive walls of Castle Ravenloft, as forboding as it was imposing the castle’s walls stand some 40 feet high.

Short inspection provided they would not be gaining entry through conventional means, to the east was a cellar with it’s door hanging open, howling loudly as the wind passed over it like lips onto a bottletop. Tabarast had noticed some claw marks to the west, deep and massive claw marks in the cliffside, after some careful inspection and help from Amalia he was convinced the marks had came from a Dracolich.

As they entered the cellar door above them slammed shut, perhaps just from the wind, however none bothered to check if they were sealed in because immediately after entering were alarmed by distant child-like cries for help echoing through the corridors. They found themselves in a wine cellar and soon discovered not only was wine being bottled and stored here, but perhaps blood too…at least at one point in time.

Proceeding onward and inspecting what once was a functional kitchen area both Gimlina and Amalia both found themselves swarming with rats and spiders at one point in time or another. Luckily they were more of a nuisance than a threat.Tabarast, blasted each of his comrades with ice in order to “help” defeat the swarms, a dark grin spread across his lips if only for a moment.

Soon after, they found a secret passage behind one of the tables in the cooking area which lead down a short and narrow hall that opened into a crumbling, gaping chasm that seperated them from the other side of the path. After much deliberation, testing, and scepticism Tabarast took a leap of faith and walked onto the nothingness – it was just an illusion. However it’s not to say that his cockiness did not get him burned as he proceeded down the next corridor only to be struck by a gout of flames. The illusion proved especially cumbersome to Amalia as she was the most hesitant to traverse it.

Soon after disarming the trap via an invisible lever, the party met a dead end. An iron door, very polished and smooth, bearing the embossed depiction of a skull stopped them, the door was magical and if they wanted to press on any further, they’d have to find some sort of key.

GhostvisageThe next area they would explore used to be a small barracks and training area, hay from target dummies and old crumbling weapons littered the room. A draft was coming from behind one of the weapon racks, however after all manner of pushing, pulling and inspection they could not manage to gain entry, which mean it was time for Gimlina to step in and perforate steel with her fine dwarven weapon as if it were mere foil.

Inside they discovered a chest, and a finely crafted suit of magical full plate armor. The chest piece of the armor was detailed in solid gold which definitely caught Igor’s eye as well as Tabarast’s however upon even touching the suit of armor, a visage would appear and attack, only momentarily before receding back into the walls. This man is suspected to had been the captain of the Ravenloft guard, inside the locked chest was a locket with an engraved “V” on it and upon touching the locket, the same ghostly visage attacked and once again left as quickly as it came.

After breaking yet another lock due to Igor’s hang ups with finding the “ghost boy” and other shiny things, they found themselves in a small living quarter for soldiers. They did not find much aside from disheveled and rotting old beds and an old bath area. However they did find a love note under some of the bed sheets. It was from a woman named Veronica and addressed to her lover “Abdel”, it outlined plans to elope. “Abdel” is believed to the captain of the guard, as when this note was read – the same visage that once was attacking the players could be seen sobbing to himself only for a moment, before disappearing…

Check the Session Loot page for details on items and points of interest.


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Into the cellars

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Into the cellars