On the Eyes of Midnight

Ya' Win Some, Ya' Lose Some

I was standing over the last vampire with my foot on his chest ready to kill him when Tabarast and Amalia came over to try to talk to him. After attempting to talk to him they realized they weren’t going to get any information from him. I told them to stand back as I staked the vampire and killed him. He immediately turned to dust and blew away in the wind. All that was left were his clothes.

2010 11 01 20101101Tabarast inspected the cloak and realized it was bleeding through a hole from the staking. After using his wizardry he realized that the cloak was haunted and keeps the wounds from its wearer. Amalia decided to take it.

Meanwhile Igor and Diggles were checking out a nearby cave. Igor found a small satchel with a few healing potions and some crude skinning tools. Sadly, there was no ale inside.

We headed back to Chandra and she introduced us to Isis and told us we had one hour to get things ready to leave for Markovia. We went to the inn and grabbed all the ale we could carry and a little food too. We also hired another local villager named Fenthick to help us on our journey. He wasn’t very intelligent so Igor, Tabarast, and Isis easily convinced him into wearing the bleeding cloak.

We went back to Chandra and got Leisus and the little boy and headed for Markovia. After walking for a few minutes Amalia and Tabarast got tired and had to rest being the wimpy elves that they are. They went inside the wagon and rested for a while and I guess they had some bad dreams because Amalia was acting really weird when she woke up. She decided to walk in the swampy muddy grossness instead of sitting next to Isis on the wagon.

We all started to get hungry so Tabarast held some fire while Igor used his magic hand to float some meat through it. Tabarast got sick and told us it was the raw meat by his face. (I swear that elf gets weaker by the day.) So then Igor and Tabarastmessed around with their magic for a bit. I wasn’t really paying attention to them because I was focused on the beastmen that we were coming up on.Beast

Isis used her magic to turn into a dark cloud so she could check out the beasty guys. Tabarastfinally stopped playing with Igorand came up with a plan to ambush the beasts. I tried to convince Chandra to help us fight the beasts but she refused. Amalia, Igor, and I all hid behind the huts and Tabarast rode up on his horse and pretended to fall. Then for some reason that drunk Fenthick ran up and yelled at the beast men challenging them. (Some people just can’t handle their liquor.)

Tabarast made a huge smelly cloud that basically killed everything except for the one beastman that I saved to interrogate. Sadly, Tabarast’s horse died in the cloud as well. He will be greatly missed. We also lost Fenthick but we did retrieve our money and our bloody cape. Next time we should choose our hireling more carefully. I’m sure if Chandra wouldn’t have been so stubborn we wouldn’t have lost our beloved horse. I don’t think anyone could have save Fenthick though, some people are just beyond help.

After the battle we attempted to talk to the beastman and realized it is going to be very difficult to communicate with him. We argued back and forth about what we should do with the seemingly useless beast and finally decided to keep him for now. I’m sure we’ll find some use for him. Oh well, I suppose its about time to pack up and get moving again.