On the Eyes of Midnight

The Killing Fields

Barovia's last stand

100545With the creak of wood and pinging of iron your trebuchet lets off yet another volley of stones that come crashing down just short of the massive flesh golem that stands at the distant gates of the castle.

The men to the east are being eviscerated by wolves resembling men while the others are nearly the size of bears. The sounds of crossbow fire and the draw of steel are only intermittent now as your ranks grow thin, only a mere handful of soldiers still stand and the droves of undead only seem to multiply.

As the legions of the night bound and lumber toward the soldiers, a dracolich perched atop the castle foyer tower roars a deep black-purple necrotic breath from it’s bony maw. Lightning cracks the sky, momentarily giving you full view of the carnage.

The overwhelming sense of demise lulls hangs in the air, but just as the last shred of hope is ripped from fates threads he arrives. Dressed in brazen armor, and brandishing a shield of what looks to be pure gold – Lord William of Barovia dismounts from his ivory horse and unsheathes a blade that glows with radiance so bright it puts the lightning to shame

Ultimately, a brave battle was fought this day, but it was not a winning one. Lord William fell to a massive flesh golem that day, and the rest of his men fought to the very end. Barovia was completely enveloped in darkness that day, and has been ever since…

That was 100 years ago ~ Fade to black ~ Present day Barovia emerges.