On the Eyes of Midnight

Markovian Exploits

Our travels while in markovia, so far...

Balinok Ah yes, the Balinok mountains. Craggy, unsettled, warm, damp…nothing like my homeland. Winterhaven, how I miss ye’ sometimes.

Anyhow we’ve managed to travel through the guts of some such foul abomination of underground masonry which was actually alive and tried to eat us. Faced some sort of death giant and a creature that was more loud and annoying than my uncle Flintlocke, glad that’s all over. I managed a new hammer from the whole ordeal, the craftsmanship is immaculate and it hits like a bloody frost giant to boot! We finally found and reached the monastery that Isis had been telling us about and cured the little bligther of his werewolf disease which means he can bugger off now so we can get back to not babysittin’. Also means that useless cleric and his wife can scoot too, sick of hearing all their religious crazy talk.

Speakin’ of that hammer, I only found out just exactly how hard it hits because curing the kid of his disease meant a fight with some demons. The monastery is our newfound base of operations, finally nice to get some down time. Hopefully we can manage to get it well stocked with ale shortly, I’m sure Igor would accompany me in that endeavor. Not sure how I feel about staying in a place with such an evil history, but then again this whole damn world is, so if the situation arises I suppose i’ll be bashin’ more demon skulls. All in a day’s work.

Anyway, I think I’d like to head up whatever reconstruction work goes on here. The place could really use a dwarve’s touch as far as architecture and craftswomanship goes. I suppose I may help Amalia attempt to get some sort of garding growing in the meantime too, but I can’t settle for plants long. Strong dwarven ale and steak are at the top of my list of priorities, right next to ’ kill some damn vampires ’.

Until next time,

~Gimlina Winterhaven