On the Eyes of Midnight

Igor Saves the DAY! (again)

Igor's account of the adventure

GhostWell… lets see. What happened. Yes. We were waiting for some ale, for what seemed like an awfully long time, when finally it appeared. We also ate some tasty food. Some people were playing an interesting card game but for some reason they were not gambling on the outcome, while an old guy was rambling on and on about his grandson, I think. Or maybe it was his pet dog. I cant recall.

Either way, we finally got the ale… hmm. Yes, it was cold and had a nice frothy head to it. The hops were a bit on the fresh side, but I cant complain since I didnt pay for it.

Blah blaah blah, Im pretty sure everyone else was gossipping or something, because before I could finish my 5th ale we were all heading out in the dark to find some old guys pet dog, I think. Or maybe it was a sword, I cant recall.

After riding for at least 2 or 3 nights, we came to an old battlefield. There was this really amazing looking contraption which I discovered, some sort of siege engine. I was busy loading the stone shot into the giant catapult when I think our crazy mage summoned up a bunch of undead for no apparent reason. I should remember to ask him why he did that. Oh well.

Anyway, two horrible, giant skeletons with dragon heads and firey fangs starting chasing me. I think a zombie or two might have attacked the rest of the party too, Im not sure. But I saved them all by distracting the giant dragon fire skellies, shooting the catapult at them and smashing them to bits!

Tabarast had been digging for worms, and he saved me some to try and make a poison from later. I was busy following that little boy, Oh YEA ! a little boy ran across the battle running away from the giant flaming skellies that I was single handedly dueling. I found the crack in the castle wall where he hid, and my rat friend saw what looks like a lever back in the tunnel. I might have to go pull that lever in the morning.

After the battle, everyone thanked me for saving them, again. Its tough being the responsible one, I tell you.

PS send more ale,



I think you forget who caused that battle AND who finished it with a swift show of magical prowess. Perhaps a bit less ale and a bit more focus will help you remember things correctly. Cheers! Tabarast

Igor Saves the DAY! (again)