On the Eyes of Midnight

The High Holy Quest for the Ale: Part 3 (The Quickening)

Temple of Olidammara Under Construction next to Igor's Bar

So, as I can see from my carefully crumpled notes, a lot of things happened. Diggles insists that I am forgetting the important details, so I have told him to scribble in whatever he wants between the lines. You might need a magnifying glass to read the rat sized handwriting.

Why bother to write down anything about the dimension traveling and Hierarchy of Evil Lords and Vistani Troupes and cheese wheels sitting collecting dust in the bar… when you can continue the quest for ale? I, Diggles shall attempt to relate what I saw or heard during the adventure in these little gaps on the parchment between Igors scribblings -Diggles

Hey did you guys see those drunks rebuilding the town temple? I suggested that they rededicate it to Olidammara, and of course everyone agreed immediately. The problem is, well they have a bunch of drunks with rocks wandering around as the crew, and they need Wood, good oak and some granite to try and rebuild it. Hmm, now that I think about it, they might need a foreman, cause in my experience drunk plans dont always work out so well. The Beauty part of it though, is all those drunks, working and sweating, will get more thirsty, and keep coming to Igors Bar! More money for us, and then we can try and get some of that premium ale imported in, maybe from the gypsy caravans.

The temple, Pellar. They agreed to a side chamber for Olidammara, not a rededication. The bar, Blood of the Vine (for now at least). Vistani Troupe, 10-50 members per. -Diggles

But back to the beginning. The others looted a bunch of dead guys and fought over eyeballs and guts and stuff. I didnt bother with it. If there is something I want I can always get it later when they arent paying attention. That reminds me, tabarast should probably get a better coinpurse, the rope on his feels kind of frayed, and it gave me a splinter the other day! How rude of him.

We got back to town, and I was so happy to see the bar, that I teleported straight behind the counter and took over tap duties from the barkeep. He had acquired that ALE we paid for, so we all started drinkin. We bought a round for the bar, and Sir John said a toast to the new heros, Igors Traveling Troubadors! The roars of the crowd lasted a while, and gradually became chants of IGOR IGOR IGOR IGOR. This lasted perhaps an hour, maybe 2. Afterwards, I begged them to stop as I was getting embarrassed.

Do I need to write something here?-Diggles

WeresLots of rumors and tales swirled around the bar, as my performers worked the crowd! The party was busy drinking people under the table, cheating some poor drunks at cards, and pumping people for information. Never had I felt so proud of my troubadors! Rumors and other info we gleaned that night: We heard about the attack by a vampire and two werwolves on Sir Johns son. The priest Leisus (his wife is Chandra) is missing too, he went to a funeral and wandered off never to return. To kill a werewolf infection, find and kill the host werewolf before its too late. The gods hid a piece of the sun under castle Igorloft and if found it could lift the mists from the lands. The Vistani band leader is Lady Ravinnia, she plays a mean harmonica. The Elder, Lady Gabriel sells stuff and buys stuff.

So afterwards we saw a bunch of horses, and decided to tail them. I hopped onto their wagon all sneaky like, and the rest of the party followed my breadcrumbs that I dropped. The Vistani use a runner to bring cash to and from a meet for each transaction and also have 2 men making any hand off— damn them and their security. They travel in 2 wagons, gold and purple colors and set up camp southwest of castle Igorloft. They had a bear with them too, he looked sad all locked up in chains and reins. I wonder if the druid might want to save him? I would help! Anyway, we traded a bunch of junk for a pile of cash. That reminds me, I better see if the party wants me to be the treasurer, they dont really know how to count money at all and never even notice when some of theirs goes missing! Oh, and that new pet Beholder of Tabarasts said he might like to be worn as a hat! I think Tabarast should try that, just let the beholder settle down right on the ole noggin for a while, maybe as he sleeps. Yeah, like a night cap to keep those pointy ears warm!

Assurak is a demi lich, he is the boss of the Jackal, and is trying to reach the party. The eye is from the demi lich. The beholder was the thrall of the Jackal, and is now temporarily controlled by the elf necromancer Tabarast, however given the chance the beholder wants to absorb his powers and knowledge.

Anyway, thats about it! They say magic isnt very common around here, and that we are trapped in a misty dimension of never ending night. But thats just a bunch of drunk talk, people will stop being so depressed once we get this bar and church going again. Maybe Olidammara will teleport us back to the real world once we rebuild his temple? In the meantime, the quest for ale continues. Hmmm, I should ask the dwarf if she knows how to engineer a still, maybe we could get some gnomish Moonshine brewin while we wait for the good stuff to get shipped in!

Until next time, Yours Truly,
Igor Nappovich

PS Send more ale, whoever is reading this!