On the Eyes of Midnight

Skeletal Minotaurs...

they don't scare us.

I feel as though our adventures have not been logged with total accuracy in the past. I’ve taken it upon myself to log the series of events this time. I figure Igor could use a break from logging. And, in all honesty, I think he’s remembering some details a little, well, wrong.

So I’ll start off with the group of us following a child. We’ve seen him before and decided he may need our help. We followed him into a room only to find ourselves caught in a trap. As the ceiling lowered onto Gimlina and myself we braced ourselves and held the ceiling as Igor disarmed the trap. I suppose he has his uses… occasionally.

As we moved past that little “set back” we found an interesting iron door. It was a double door with five sphere shaped insets. The largest inset with no symbol was centered over both doors with half on the left door and half on the right. The other four insets had symbols: cloud, flame, skull, and droplet. After some thought we decide to open the door. I gave it a good push, but only managed to fall to the ground. No luck opening it.

Moving farther into the room we found another door. It’s locked, but nothing Igor can’t take care of. Upon opening it we find that it leads to a hallway with glowing blue floor panels. Tabarast realized those tiles are a trap. They’re electrically charged. Gnome tossing seemed like our best option for getting to the other end of the hall, but instead Tab decided to use his Mage Hand to test which tiles we could safely pass over. We moved on and Igor took care of that trap too.

Skeletalminotaur At this point we reach a door with similar symbols to the iron door only this door has a key hole. Gimlina sees light through the hole. I listen and hear fire, wind, and something… organic? We get the door open and I enter. The room has four brazers and a fountain in the center. As Gimilina checks the fountain we notice four skeletal minotaurs. We attack and soon realize that as they get to the brazers they turn to nasty fleshy, bloody minotaurs.

We also found out the hard way that the water in the fountain puts you to sleep and heals you. Gimlina showed us that. We killed all the minotaurs. They were tough, but no match for us. Gim, Tab, and myself did a good amount of damage, but I didn’t see much of Igor. It turns out he was checking the sarcophagi where he found a lever to pull. I found another tooth. We also found out we can enchant our weapons with the fire brazer. We’ll do that later.

We headed upstairs after all that and found a room with multiple cells. There was also a skeleton with a hole in his head. We heard the kid crying in the corner. I asked him his name and he says “The Jackal is using him. We can’t help him. This will be our tomb.” Then he flew through me like a ghost, leaving a trail of leaves. He’s fey. Elf or eladrin. And not the most honest.