On the Eyes of Midnight

The bazaar and the bizarre.

Reconnaissance for a cause

With the aid of the Vistani, the heroes of Igor’s Traveling Troubadours (is ITT for short) set out through the choking fog and toward the Vistani camp and circus. During their journey through the lands that hung thick with strahd’s breath, faint shapes and swhorls of the dark smokeilike mist formed into visages of dead travellers and tormented adventurers, reaching out toward them and waving their arms in warning.

Tabarast remarked that travelling through the fog was similar to the description given by those who have travelled through the veil and into the the shadowfell. Igor quickly remarked about him being some sort of unholy necromancer again and the party fell quiet, until arriving at the camp.

The vistani woman who was driving the Vardo gestured toward the camp and told them to partake in all they had to offer. They found many delicacies to enjoy such as finely roasted and spiced meats, Vistani tea and breads. The bizzare itself had a lot to offer. While the heroes browsed around and took in all there was to offer, Igor had other plans. Sneaky plans. He skirted around the outside of the camp and went on a reconissance stint to map out the entire vistani camp, should the party decide to make use of such knowledge at a later date. Igor wasn’t wasting any time however, as he managed to lift quite a small hoard during the day hours when the vistani camp was mostly unoccupied.

2The rest of the party had their fill of all their was to see and decided to head back to Barovia with or without Igor. He’d turn up sooner or later, as he always does. Purchasing another dosage of the potion to make the choking fog survivable, they returned swiftly to Barovia. They spoke with Leisus just before he was about to turn in to sleep for the night, still greatly shaken, he told the players that he should be well rested and mentally prepared by friday and hopes to cure the boy of his lycanthropy…but there was only one problem. Leisus had lost his holy symbol somewhere in the graveyard the night he had to flee and refuses to go look for it, actually refusing to possibly never re-enter the graveyard entirely.

ITT told Leisus they’d look for it immediately and brave the church ruins and graveyard themselves, for it was time to take charge and show this town what real heroes are like. While exploring the dusty old church of Pelor they did not uncover much, though it was a very unsettling place to be inside. Desecrated symbols and a statue of pelor himself half demolished and blanketed in dust. Rahvi raided what was left of the church’s coffers before they proceeded into the graveyard.

8From inside the church they could see shapes mingling about the shadows and one particularly small set of eyes that darted from behind one headstone to another, they bolstered themselves and walked out prepared for battle. A thick red mist sank upon the graveyard that night, seeming to throw the undead into a fervor most unlike tales of legend describe the mobility of the unliving. Tabarast was swarmed by the undead immediately, a small halfling skeleton gnawed at Gimlina’s ankles to no avail and was soon met with a swift crushing blow to it’s skull from her craghammer. Amalia, standing at the side of tabarast the entire battle fended foes from him and aided him with healing magics to instantaneously regenerate his torn flesh.

That is not to say that Tabarast did not hold his own on this evening, using the elements of the storming skys around them to electrocute and blast the fiends who swarmed he and his comrades. Rahvi swiftly dispatched a skeleton or two by plunging her dagger into the base of their skulls, working in tandem with the unearthly creature Xarlazxz.

Shortly after battle had subsided our heroes began looking for Leisus’s missing holy symbol, they searched for at least half an hour before a soft, subtle voice and a glint of ivory in the moonlight interrupted them. Igor tossed a small sun shaped pendant, towards Gimlina “Looking for something?” he said. Gimlina smiled, and then Igor pulled from his pouch, a map