Skill Specializations

Skill Specializations (Feats)

Skill Specializations Level Earned Non Combat Bonus Combat Bonuses
Minor 4th, 14th, 24th + 3 level on relevant checks +1 / +2 / +3 attack/damage
Major 8th, 18th, 28th + 5 level on relevant checks +2 / +4 / +6 attack/damage

Skill Specializations

Your character may choose to specialize in a skill, it can be anything your heart desires from “Ventriloquism” to “Tying Knots” to “Slaying Vampires”. Doing so grants you an extra bonus (combat and/or skill check) when performing actions related to your specialization. These are obtained by picking a “Major Specialization” or “Minor Specialization” feat at the indicated levels.

All skill specializations should retain a certain degree of relevancy in context to the story of the campaign and pertaining to your character in a believable way. (Ex: Tabarast cannot specialize in wielding light sabres, hacking computers, etc.) It is assumed that your character spends some of their free time honing/concentrating on whatever these things are and is assumed that these behaviors be at least lightly role played.

Skill specializations are very specific things. You cannot for example, specialize in “Killing Bad Guys”, “Attacking Humanoids” or “Being Charming”. They are more along the lines of “Goblin Hatred”, “Swinging from A Rope” or “Distracting Gnomes with Shiny Objects”. All proposed skill specializations must be approved by the DM before use in-game. The base skill in which a specialization falls in is up to both the DM and Player to agree upon.

Specializations are noted on your character sheet in parethesis next to their base skill, a capital M is displayed for a Major skill and lowercase for minor.

Example: Major Specialization
Thievery 15 ([M]Disarming Explosives 20) ~ Hobblesworth, Level 10 Rogue.

Example: Minor Specialization
Arcana 5 ([m]Useing Magic Devices 10) ~ Hobblesworth, Level 10 Rogue.

Minor Specializations

You may take a minor skill specialization at levels 4, 14 and 24. A minor skill specialization may be any of the 17 skills on your character sheet, regardless of whether you are trained in it. These only reflect things your character may dabble in or only perform occasionally, but still frequently enough that they excel at it to some degree.

Minor Skill specializations warrant a bonus to skill checks (and related actions) indicated in the table above. Each “/” indicates the bonus gained at the corresponding level you would gain the specialization at. (ex: +1 at 4th level, +2 at 14th, +3 at 24th)

Major Specializations

You may take a major skill specialization at levels 8, 18, and 28 A major skill specializing must be one that pertains to one of your characters already trained skills.

Major Skill specializations grant a bonus to skill checks (and related actions) as indicated above. Each “/” indicates the bonus gained at the corresponding level you would gain the specialization at. (ex: +2 at 8th level, +4 at 18th, +6 at 28th)

Unlearning & Retraining Specializations

A skill specialization may not be “quick swapped” at any point in time unless specific circumstance warrants it. Should a character wish to change a minor specialization they may do so over the course of a few sessions, however a Major skill is one they have dedicated a lot of their time and resources to and may not be dropped as easily and is only allowed per DM discretion and over the course of numerous sessions.

Swapping and Trading Out

A Major skill specialization may be skipped in favor of taking another (single) minor specialization, this occurs as it normally would at the indicated level for the intended major skill. A player may choose at a later time to drop that minor and resume taking up a major, or perhaps turn their minor into a major, however this process is not backwards compatible.

Skill Specializations

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