Darkness1Into the darkness we go, following the tales of a legendary adventuring party known only as Igor’s Traveling Troubadours.

Wherein a chivalrous knight from the far reaches of Winterhaven and her lifelong friend and stalwart protector of nature find themselves joining forces with an impulsive gnomish cutpurse, and an power hungry eladrin wizard in a land as mysterious as it is deadly.

Occasionally joining their troupe along the way, a darkling vistani sorceress, a lost assassin of the forgotten realms, an eccentric dwarven huntsman and a hulking savage in search of ‘gremlins’. The demi-plane of dread is a place where staying alive is hard enough, let alone to carve a name for oneself into its hollowed earth.

Campaign & GM’ing Style

No Fudged Die RollsContent: MysteriousContent: ScaryContent: DisturbingContent: Grim ( character death likely)Collaborative StorytellingMirror Good Player IdeasUse of Maps & Visual Aides
Welcome to Hell

On the Eyes of Midnight

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